I truly couldn't have done this without you. Today, we celebrate an important win. One that should make us all proud.


Although Former Mayor Sam Adams and I have our differences, we share a very similar vision for the future. One that is inclusive, not divisive, that is collaborative, not partisan, one that is evidence based, not gut based.


I am honored to move on to the general election and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!


We are being priced out of Portland with a lack of affordable housing. We are seeing our communities unkept and uncared for by our city. 

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The best way to stem the suffering of houselessness is to keep folks from becoming houseless in the first place.

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Portland is the only major city in the US that does not elect representatives in city government by district; making the most vulnerable voiceless. Find out more

We must hire and train more police to become the public servants we need them to be. Community policing is the only way to create safe neighborhoods for all. Find out more

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YOU + MINGUS = Collective Action!

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Equity, Accountability, & Safety are everything to us.  Representation Matters. We need our city government to represent who we are; a city made of strong neighborhoods & core values.  

Mingus Mapps for Portland City Council

Mingus mapps

for portland city council

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