Ending Homelessness and Housing First

Portland must do better at preventing and ending homelessness. The most efficient way to reduce homelessness is to prevent people from losing their housing in the first place.

In addition, we must help get the mentally ill and those in need of medical care off the streets and provide the help they need. We cannot police our way out of the homelessness. Instead, we need smarter and more humane solutions that address the myriad of challenges to our housing crisis.

Key Points:

Prevent Homelessness in the First Place

  • Ban price gouging in the rental market.

  • Increase funding for short-term rent assistance programs

House and Heal the Disabled and Mentally Ill 

  • Create 1500 units of city-subsidized supportive housing for chronically homeless people, who are also disabled, mentally ill, and/or drug addicted.

A Housing First and Compassionate Approach

  • Shelters are not a solution. We need housing for people in the streets.

  • Homelessness is not a crime.

  • Portland Police should not be the  first and primary outreach to the homeless community. It is bad service and bad public policy. Portland Street Response is a great start, but we need more creative solutions as well.

More Affordable Housing and Services


“An Analysis of Homelessness & Affordable Housing Multnomah County, 2018”

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