Public Safety & CRimE prevention

This is one of Mingus' top priorities. As a Black father raising two Black boys in Portland,

he has the lived experience of feeling the tension between law enforcement and the communities they serve. As a supervisor of the Crime Prevention Program under Commissioner Eudaly, he had first hand experience with the benefits of community engagement through community policing. Unfortunately, that program today is all but completely dismantled. This is not only unacceptable but dangerous for People of Color and other underserved communities, and quite frankly for everyone. We must bridge this gap so that our neighborhoods become the safe spaces they are meant to be. 

Mingus is focused on fixing Portland’s broken public safety system.  Our Police Department is dangerously understaffed. Having the Police Department serve as the City’s first responders on issues related to mental health and homelessness is a mistake.  Our elected leaders have dismantled City’s Crime Prevention Program. And too many Portlanders feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods and homes. This needs to change.

  • Fully staff the Portland Police Department 

  • Bring Back Community Policing 

  • Restore the Crime Prevention Program 

  • Demand that the District Attorney prosecute serious crimes

  • A zero tolerance policy for violence or vandalism at public protests

  • Enforce rules relating to livability, but do not criminalize poverty & houselessness

  • Get the Police Department out of the business of being first responders to mental health crises

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