Affordable Housing For ALL

Multnomah County has a shortfall of 29,000 units of affordable housing.  Several factors are behind this deficit. In recent decades, Portland’s population has grown dramatically, driving up the demand for housing. Wages for Portland’s working families have not kept up with rising housing costs. Despite enacting a housing emergency, Portland city government has done little to make it more affordable to build in Portland, protect renter’s rights and ensure the current housing stock meets the needs of the general and underserved populations. 

Here are some of the steps Mingus will take to solve Portland’s affordable housing crisis.

  • Create policies that promote the building more affordable housing, including fee reduction, quicker inspections, and streamlining the building permit processes.

  • Preserve our existing stock of affordable housing.

  • Protect the rights of renters.

  • Build more densely, especially along commercial corridors with good access to public transit.

  • Expand partnerships with community development corporations to build more low-cost housing for individuals and families.

  • Find ways to incentivize local builders who have a long term interest in seeing Portland grow and thrive for all.


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